HR scenario irks South Asian rights body

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, April 11:

The representatives of South Asians for Human Rights (SAHR) today met the Nepal Bar Association members and senior advocates and expressed concerned over the human rights situation and the rule of law in Nepal. A mission comprising senior human rights activists, including former Chief Justice of India and former chairman of Human Rights Commission in India JS Verma, expressed concern while visiting the Nepal Bar Association’s office today.

The mission included the Director of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan I R Rehman, former justice of Sri Lanka, Dheeraratne and senior journalist of Bangladesh, Mahruz Anam.

“The mission members expressed concern over the present situation in the country,” said the NBA president, Shambhu Thapa. According to him, he briefed them about the current situation. Informing about the mission’s visit, the SAHR president, I K Guajral, who is also the former Prime Minister of India said that he had written a letter to the Vice Chairman of the Council of Ministers Dr Tulsi Giri about their visit. “The recent developments in Nepal have caused a great anxiety thought out Asia. In all the countries of the region, the people wish well of the people of Nepal and would like to render them whatever assistance they can towards the amicable and peaceful resolution of all issues that concern Nepal,” stats the letter.