Human-wildlife conflict continues as wild animals enter settlements in Siraha

SIRAHA: Wild animals including elephants have been entering multiple villages of Siraha district for over a week.

Wild animals have been entering the settlements in Mirchaiya, Golbazaar, Lahan and northern parts of Dhangadhimai Municipality of the district.

Distraught animals have been witnessed damaging houses, and eating grains and other food items stored inside.

The elephants entered the settlement in Dharmapur of Golbazaar Municipality-10 last night after which damages incurred on around a dozen houses, informed local Anitam Lama. Houses belonging to locals Kumar Moktan, Sukumaya Lama, and Phulmati Tamang were damaged in the incident, Lama added. The animals seem to be in search of food as they fed upon stored rice.

People are in fear of the elephants entering their homes every night since January 13, claimed Dev Narayan Mahato, Chair of Golbazaar-10. “The villagers have been staying all night to guard the village.”

Although staffers from the forestry office and police have driven the elephants towards the forest, locals fear their return.

The incident is yet another example of the evident conflict between humans and wildlife, which needs to be managed keeping the well-being of both factors into consideration.