Hundreds of households in far-west in darkness

DIPAYAL: After dozens of micro hydro projects were damaged by rainfall, hundreds of households in the Far-Western Region have been living in the dark for over six months.

The rainfall had damaged dozens of micro hydro projects, which had cost millions of rupees, in the third week of June.

According to Tek Bahadur Balayar, Regional Coordinator of the Regional Service Centre Dipayal, the damaged hydro projects need millions of rupees for maintenance.

It has been learned that the micro hydro project in Daud VDC of Doti district had the capacity of 60 kilowatt. As many as 611 households were benefitted from the hydro project constructed at the cost of Rs 70 million. The rainfall had completely damaged the hydro project.

Similarly, Gadseri Gand micro hydro project and Namuna hydro project among other hydro projects were also damaged in the rainfall.