Hydel projects should be developed with internal investment

Damauli, June 21

Province 4 Chief Minister Prithvi Subba Gurung today said that big hydropower projects could be constructed with internal investment in the country.

Inaugurating the newly built structure of Bhanu Community Hospital at Bhanu Municipality in Tanahun today, CM Gurung said that Province 4 was giving top priority to hydro-power development as those projects could be constructed with domestic investment. He clarified that no external investment was required for the development of hydro projects in Province 4.

“People will be deprived of ownership of those projects when foreign investors invest in the projects in Nepal. Hence, the government in Province 4 is thinking how to develop the province and ensure prosperity from internal investment,” claimed CM Gurung.

He said the country’s prosperity was possible by developing tourism, hydro-power and agriculture with the abundant use of modern technology in the province in the upcoming five years.

Chief Minister Gurung also said the hospital would be upgraded in such a way that no kidney, heart or cancer patients would have to go to other provinces for treatment.