A meeting of Nepal-India Coordination Committee held in Pithoragarh, India has agreed to allow movement across border based on identification cards only.

According to Chief District Officer Siddharaj Joshi, this system has been brought to effect considering the fact that movement across the border has always been unchecked and various sorts of activities can go unchecked owing to which. Hence, entering country and crossing over to the other side with proper identification has been made necessary.

Any identity card that proves the identity of the concerned individual is sufficient to cross border, and if needed be the process can be made easy with understanding in case any issue arises, he said.

Local administration will also help simplify the problem in case a long-distance traveller is not carrying any identity cards, Joshi informed.

Indian security personnel have also put up a sign board across the suspension bridge in Khalanga in Darchula stating that an identification paper is necessary to cross the border.

Identification has been made mandatory for all the travellers, labourers who go to and from the border to buy items, or for other reasons, on a daily basis.

Rabindra Bahadur Bam, a local businessman, shares that Indian SSB personnel check the identity card (citizenship card) for all people travelling to Indian market in Darchula, in a long line over the suspension bridge, every day.

He complains that this is rather cumbersome and takes a lot of time.