Identity cards for alcoholics

Bajura, February 25

To minimise and manage social disruption due to consumption of alcohol, Gaumul Rural Municipality in Bajura has decided to issue identity cards for drunkards in the rural municipality.

Chairman Hari Rokaya of the rural municipality said, “We will provide ID cards to those who apply for the same.” He added that the rural municipality was also working on regulations to manage the sale of liquor. Rokaya said only licensed vendors would be allowed to sell alcohol to ID card holders’ within a given time frame.

Vice-chair Sita Thapa of the rural municipality said doing so would curb anti-social activities that would otherwise be perpetrated under the influence of alcohol. She added that they were also planning a full ban on alcohol consumption in the rural municipality in the days to come.

The rural assembly also decided to ban liquor shops that operated without licence. It also placed a ban on collection of medicinal herbs and their export for the next three years.