Illegal and unsafe abortion on the rise in Lamjung: Officials

LAMJUNG: The number of women opting for illegal abortion in Lamjung district is on the rise, authorities say.

The authorities asserted the alarming rate of increase in illegal abortion as the number of women with health complications visiting medical facilities after carrying out unsafe and illegal abortion increased in recent days.

District's major health institution, Lamjung District Community Hospital, does not provide abortion services, however, the women visit the facility after facing health complications due to unsafe abortion.

As per the hospital record books, 56 such women who underwent illegal abortion have visited the facility for further treatment since July last year.

According to the District Public Health Office, provision of National Health Policy allows medical abortion under physician’s consultation for a 9-week-old fetus through abortion pills. Nonetheless, the women in Lamjung opt for illegal and unsafe abortion, despite being aware of safe sexual intercourse, contraceptives and abortion.

According to DPHO stats, 20 per cent of females undergoing unsafe abortion are below the age of 20 years and are unmarried.

Due to the prolonged period of uterine bleeding and fatigue caused by unsafe abortion, females face a high risk of developing Endometrial cancer and mental illness, health workers said.

“In spite of massive campaigns to educate women on the cons of illegal abortion, they opt for it putting their lives at risk,” Female Health Specialist at the hospital, Dr Srijana Hamal said.

Poverty, illiteracy and unsafe sexual intercourse are leading causes driving women to undergo unsafe abortion, Dr Hamal added.