Illegal export of boulders rampant

Rautahat, November 14

Illegal trading of boulders, sand, and other construction materials has become rampant in the Chhure region in Rautahat of late. However, the concerned authorities are yet to act against this trend.

Various construction materials such as sand, gravel, and boulders are being Illegal extracted from Gaidatar area of Chandrapur Municipality of late.

The District Development Committee used to announce a tender bid for trading in construction materials. However, this year, the DDC did not announce a tender bid as it lacked environmental assessment.

This has resulted in various groups smuggling the materials openly, said locals.

Account Officer at District Development Committee Kirti Subedi said his office was unaware about the illegal trade.

“As the Chhure region is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Forest, the concerned authority should take the necessary initiative to curb such illegal activities,” Subedi said.