Illegal structures being demolished

Khotang, February 23

Authorities in Khotang’s Halesi Tuwachung Municipality have started pulling down structures built by encroaching public land in Halesi, a famous tourism and religious site. The municipality used a bulldozer to raze illegal structures built in the vicinity of the Halesi shrine today.

“We had to resort to using force as the locals turned a deaf ear even after our fourth notice to remove such structures,” said Mayor Iwan Rai of the municipality.

According to Rai, 23 huts belonging to 21 locals were pulled down in the presence of Assistant Chief District Officer Santosh Subedi and security personnel. “Let them (the locals) say anything they want, but I won’t spare any hut or shanty that stands on government land,” the mayor vowed.

Earlier, the municipality had issued public notice to remove illegal shanties in the vicinity of the Halesi shrine.