Implement UN’s anti-corruption convention: CIAA

Kathmandu, December 24

The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority handed over its 28th annual report to President Bidhya Devi Bhandari today.

The CIAA stated that of the 174 corruption cases adjudicated in the fiscal 2017-18, it achieved success in 67.82 per cent cases.

The CIAA recouped Rs 161,313,179 from the defendants and reclaimed 419 bigaha 13 kattha land in the Tarai and  53 ropani and six ana land in the hills.

The CIAA also stated that it received 19,488 complaints of corruption in the fiscal 2017-18, including 7,719 backlogs from the previous fiscal. A total of 12,400 complaints were settled and 6,458 complaints were pending after preliminary investigation.

The CIAA ordered comprehensive probe on 456 complaints and other actions on 5,134 complaints. It said 7,088 complaints would not be acted upon this year. In the fiscal 2017-18, the CIAA made 426 people defendants in corruption cases and caught 154 civil servants from the rank of joint-secretary to assistant level red handed with bribes.  The anti-graft body conducted 97 sting operations in 2017-18 fiscal.

According to a press release issued by the CIAA, the anti-graft body’s chief Navin Kumar Ghimire told the president that the CIAA was committed to function independently and impartially to implement the state’s good governance policies.

The CIAA said corrupt practices continue to pose problems in the country andthese could be tackled only through a multi-pronged policy.

It urged the government to implement the UN’s anti-corruption convention, improve governance and manage public procurement. It also urged the government to promote integrity policy with the help of all stakeholders.