Implementation of minimum wages for working journalists stressed

POKHARA: Speakers have stressed the need of carrying out monitoring of media houses for the implementation of minimum wages for working journalists fixed by the government.

At an interaction programme organised by Minimum Wages Fixation Committee and Federation of Nepali Journalists of Province 4 here on Sunday, speakers said that working journalists in some of the media houses did not even receive minimum wages.

On the occasion, President of Federation of Nepali Journalists, Govinda Acharya, said that not even a single journalist should be deprived of minimum wage fixed by the government and expressed the view that labour exploitation of journalists should be brought to an end.

Similarly, Chairperson of Minimum Wages Fixation Committee, Gangadhar Parajuli, said that it was indispensable to implement the minimum wages fixed by the government to make the sector of journalism systematic and disciplined.

Likewise, various journalists including President of FNJ (Province 4 committee) Tribhuvan Poudel, FNJ central committee member Ram Krishna Gyawali, and Tanahu President of FNJ Omkar Acharya, among others stressed the need for strict implementation of the minimum wages to create a conducive environment for the journalists to work as well as to make this profession organised and disciplined.