Sindhupalchowk, Sept 28:

The decision of Khasa-based Chinese customs office to bar the import of branded items without import permit has left at least 40 containers stuck in Khasa. The importers decided to stall all imports from yesterday following the decision. The customs office had threatened to seize goods along with containers a week ago when four cartons of branded volleyballs were found in one of the containers.

In a discussion held recently, the Chinese side had taken the stance that all containers released in a lot would be seized in such case, while Nepali businessmen said only the vehicle carrying goods without import permit should be seized. Some 19-20 containers are released by the customs in a lot.

The Chinese export rule states that permit issued by the manufacturing company is required for the export of branded goods to other countries.

The discussion between staffers of the Tatopani customs office and Chinese customs officials at Khasa to sort out the issue ended inconclusively today. Efforts are on to reach an agreement with the Chinese side, said president of the Sindhupalchowk Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Rajendra Shrestha.

Chinese stance: All containers in a lot should be seized if even one container is found to be carrying goods without import permit.

Nepali Stance: Only those containers that are carrying goods without import permit should be seized.