Impose President’s Rule, says Dhungana

Kathmandu, August 6:

Former Speaker Daman Nath Dhungana today urged the Constituent Assembly to amend the interim constitution for the last time and declare President’s Rule to end the ongoing political deadlock.

“The ongoing deadlock cannot be brought to an end without going for the presidential rule,” he claimed, adding, “The CA should declare the presidential rule and let the President convene Constituent Assembly to select the Prime Minister and form a new government.”

He was addressing an interaction on Political Scenario after the CA Election, organised by the Peace and Conflict Management Committee.

“The parties should realise that the parliamentary system is dead and that the CA members were elected only for framing a constitution,” he said. Political analyst Dr Lokraj Baral said the country was moving towards functional anarchism from a dysfunctional government system.

Nepali Congress leader Pradip Giri said all political parties have been promoting a ‘hybrid’ culture, in which none of the parties or leaders respects democratic norms and values.

“The problem lies within the parties. We have failed to make our parties transparent,” he said.