Inclusive leadership on the rise in Tharu villages

  • In Tharu communities, a new leader is elected every year in the month of Magh

Dhangadi, January 17

It is reported that inclusive leadership has been developed for Tharu villages in Kailali.

Traditionally, a new leader is elected on the first day of the Nepali month of Magh every year to give good leadership to run each Tharu community. Though only male candidates were traditionally elected for the posts in the villages, a number of women and people of hill origins have been elected in many communities this year in Kailali.

Perhaps it is a coincidence that women and people from other communities too have been chosen to lead Tharu communities at a time when the issue of inclusion and proportional representation is trending for different levels of leadership.

Gomati Sapkota, who was recently picked as leader of Pahalmanpur VDC, said that it is not true that only male members can run families and communities. Females too can do as much as their male counterparts. “Though I am a woman from the hill community, people from the Tharu community picked me as leader because of their trust in me and the fact that they expect much by way of service from me. So, I am glad and committed to fulfilling their expectations,” said Sapkota.

According to sources, the selection of leaders in more than 75 per cent villages of the district was completed by today.

Journalist and leader Lucky Chaudhary said that earlier only persons from the Tharu community used to be picked for the leadership, but now people from other communities and origins are also selected. Of the elected, around 25 per cent are women, said Lucky.

Similarly, a woman leader was selected at Basauti of the district. “Fulmati Chaudhary was elected to the post in Basauti for a second term,” said Gowaruwa Chaudhary, a local. “As women have become educated and have developed leadership quality for not only the village but also in other sectors, women have been elected from the post of village leader to messenger and bread-winner of a family,” said Ratan Lal Chaudhary of Dhurjunna, Kailali.

As the leader has a crucial role to play from drafting the social law to executing various public programmes, the system of social inclusion, besides women’s participation has developed of late, said locals.