Increase in number of patients in Lamjung community hospital

LAMJUNG: With the change in weather, Lamjung District Community Hospital has reported a surge in the number of patients suffering from high fever and typhoid.

According to the hospital's Chief Administrator, Yubaraj Devkota, three hundred people suffering from high fever, common cold, asthma, typhoid among other diseases visit the hospital, daily. Before the onset of monsoon, the figures were down by hundred to 200 patients.

Contamination and polluted drinking water are cited by the hospital as major causes behind the increase in the number of patients. Doctors have further marked that the number of patients has increased due to the lack of precautions on personal and food hygiene.

Likewise, other hospitals in the districts have also reported an increase in the number of patients.

According to Medical Officer, Dr Prakash Sahu majority of the patients suffering from aforementioned ailments are children and elders.