Increase in number of women delivering at Bhojpur health facilities

BHOJPUR: The tendency of pregnant women delivering babies at local health facilities in Bhojpur district has increased.

Previously, women had to travel long distances to access health services during pregnancy and for delivery.

However, renovation of health centre buildings along with the availability of necessary equipment and skilled medical professionals, as compared to the past, has started bringing a gradual shift in the scenario.

In addition to pregnant women and new mothers, other patients too have been visiting the local health centres for treatment.

The initiative taken by One Heart World-Wide to safeguard pregnant women and newborns has created a promising atmosphere, benefitting the locals, shared Nagendra Khatri, ward chair of Arun Rural Municipality-1 in the district.

Within one month of services being made available at the birthing centre in Yangpang of the rural municipality, nine women have already delivered at the facility.

Meanwhile, 13 health centres are still demanding birthing centres with the hope of extending their services to the locals.