Increased cold affects life in Siraha

LAHAN: Life in the eastern Tarai district of Siraha has been affected due to a sudden increase in cold for the past two days. Increased cold and a cold wave have caused an adverse weather, directly causing impact on people's daily lives to health.

The number of patients with complaints of common cold, fever, breathing complications and joint and muscle pain has significantly increased in the District Hospital, Siraha.

The flow of patients at the Lahan Hospital and other health facilities in rural areas is equally high these days, the District Public Health Office Siraha said.

Mostly infants and older people have caught common cold, fever, pneumonia and respiration-related diseases.

People's movement in the district headquarters, towns and market areas has significantly gone down with a dip in temperature in the past two days. Only few people are visiting government offices to seek services.

Doctors at the Siraha District Hospital said some 20-25 people visit the hospital with cold-induced health issues each day. Daily wage earners are among the most affected.

People have started circling around bonfire for protection from cold. The District Administration Office, Siraha has already issued a circular to the local government, Forest Division Office, Siraha and other authorities concerned to arrange for bonfires in public areas of financially vulnerable settlements.