Indefinite transport strike in Gorkha

GORKHA: Service-recipients at rural part of the district are bearing the brunt of disruption of vehicular movement in Gorkha district.

Transportation has come to a grinding halt today as well. It has caused offspring to walk long to reach to their mother's house to celebrate Mother's Day today.

The offspring who could not make their journey to meet their mothers on the special day are disappointed for being deprived of showing respect and reverence to their mothers.

The Transport Entrepreneurs Committee Gorkha and Prithvi Highway Bus Operators Committee have enforced transport disruption for indefinite period since last Thursday.

The public transport has been completely halted when the committee enforced disruption demanding the release of their 23 entrepreneurs arrested from Arughat of Gorkha on May 3.

The Prithvi Highway Bus Operators Committee has also supported the transport disruption programme demanding continuity of syndicate.