India oppn to take decision over obstructing House only after Swaraj reply on Nepal crisis

KATHMANDU: Opposition parties, who have been debating on Nepal crisis in the Rajya Sabha, Upper House of the Indian Parliament, have decided to make further decisions regarding the issue only after the answer of Minister for External Affaris Sushma Swaraj.

The opposition parties made such decision today.

The Rajya Sabha is scheduled to hold a short-term discussion on a calling-attention motion over Nepal crisis, registered by Pawan Kumar Verma.

Speaking to media persons, a member of the Rajya Sabha from Tamil Nadu, D Raja, said that the oppostion parties might obstruct the meeting of Rajya Sabha if the answer of the Minister for External Affaris was not satisfactory.

Saying that he was concerned over shortage of essential goods in Nepal due to ongoing agitation in Tarai, Raja said that the lawmakers had raised numerous questions regarding Nepal crisis.

"We are waiting for the answer of Swaraj," he informed.

Earlier on December 3, Swaraj had sought support from the Rajya Sabha regarding Indian government's decision on Nepal crisis.


India’s Swaraj seeks support from House as Rajya Sabha debates Nepal crisis