Indian climbers being airlifted to Kathmandu from Camp II. Photo Courtesy: Kailash Helicopters
KATHMANDU: Two Indian climbers who suffered from serious frostbite while attempting to climb Mt Kanchenjunga, have been evacuated from Camp II early this morning. According to Pratap Jung Pandey, Managing Director at Kailash Helicopters Services, the renowned high-altitude rescue pilot Maurizio Folini brought Ramesh Chandra Roy and Rudra Prasad Halder from Camp II to Kathmandu for treatment. Multiple attempts of evacuation mission had failed throughout the day yesterday due to adverse weather condition. Roy and Halder suffered from frostbite while descending from the high camp of the world’s third highest peak. The duo reportedly made it to the summit point on Wednesday. “They are undergoing treatment at Grande Hospital in Kathmandu,” Pasang Sherpa, Director at Peak Promotion Pvt Ltd, said. According to Sherpa, German climber Frank Irnich, who complained of snow blindness on the descent, will be evacuated later today. “The climber is being brought from Camp III to Camp II from where he can be evacuated,” he said. At least two Indian climbers died and another Chilean went missing while attempting to climb the mountain on Wednesday. READ ALSO: