Indian panel on Nepal wants to meet PM Singh

New Delhi, February 24:

The Nepal Democracy Solidarity Committee, India, formed to support the agitating political parties in their cause for restoration of democracy in Nepal, has planned to meet the Indian Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, to discuss recent political developments in Nepal and their probable solutions.

The committee has also demanded discussions on Nepal in the Indian parliament.

The solidarity committee — formed by representation from the 13 governing political parties of India after February 1, 2005, to express their solidarity to the democracy in Nepal — is led by senior community based leader of India, Harkishan Surjeet.

In the press release issued today by the Indian Communist leader Sita Ram Yachuri and the committee’s secretary general DP Tripathi, they said: “The committee demands the immediate release of all political leaders and human rights activists in detention in Nepal.”

Head of the committee secretariat, Rahul Barua, talking to The Himalayan Times said: “The meeting with the prime minister is not possible immediately as the house session is continuing and US President George Bush is expected shortly.”

He said the meeting with the prime minister will be held after US President George Bush’s India visit.

There will aso be detailed discussion on Nepal in the the Indian parliament.

The press statement also said that signatures of the members of parliament will be collected for support to the ongoing peaceful agitation in Nepal.