DHANGADI: A joint meeting was held between the security forces of Nepal and India in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand, India, on Monday.

In the meeting, security squad from both the countries prioritised to minimise the criminal activities in the border areas.

In the joint meeting, both the forces discussed the probability of Islamic State (IS) activities in the border areas and control such activities.

They also discussed the import and export of fake currency notes along the border, and add more security personnel in the Nepali border for the same.

Indian security officials presented nine proposals including controlling human trafficking, border crimes and import-export of illegal animals  whereas Nepali security squad tabled 11 proposals including construction of makeshift bridge over the Mahakali River, controlling import and export of illegal drugs,  coordinating in rescue operations during disasters and emergencies, and refunding damages at the border area due to the construction work among others.

The issue of construction of four makeshift bridges unilaterally over the Mahakali River is also expected to be discussed in the meeting.

The locals of Darchula district have been pleading the Armed Police Force border security squad to provide them the security in Tinkar village. The government, however, has not taken any decision.

Various authorities and officials, under the leadership of Chief District Officer (CDO) of Darchula Janardan Gautam took part in the meeting.