Industrialists raise conflicting demands, says finance minister

Biratnagar, February 14

Birat Expo kicked off in Morang’s Biratnagar today. Inaugurating the expo in Biratnagar, Finance Minister Yubaraj Khatiwada of the federal government accused industrialists of confusing the government by raising contradictory demands.

“Private sector is running industries, construction businesses, banks and the likes. But people in multiple sectors are raising multiple demands, sometimes contradictory to each other. It’s been very confusing and difficult for the government to address them,” he said.

Khatiwada called on the industrialists to make good use of the expo. “Industrialists can avail themselves of such opportunity to exhibit their products and search for new opportunity, while such expos will also allow consumers to select quality products at fair price,” he said.

On the occasion, Industry and Commerce State Minister Moti Dugad said he was aware of the hassle that industrialists and businessmen were facing from red-tapism and asked them not to be discouraged. “As we have a mature government at the helm, entrepreneurs don’t have to be disheartened,” he said.

FNCCI Senior Vice-chairperson Shekhar Golchha said the private sector was hopeless due to the government policy. “The government has imposed huge tax on the private sector through its policies,” he said.

Province-1 Internal Affairs and Law Minister Hikmat Karki said the provincial government’s was willing to move hand-in-hand with the private sector for development of the province.