Information centre closure adds to Tourism woes

BANDIPUR: The tourists visiting Bandipur are facing problems for the Tourist Information Centre there, has remained closed for the last ten months

Two office staffers and 18 tourists guide had padlocked the office since December 14, 2008. The staffers informed that they had padlocked the office after the chief of the centre Kashinath Bhattarai informed that he was unable to pay them their salary.

The centre was being run by Bandipur Social Development Committee. Chief Bhattarai informed that the staffers were provided salary while a project called ‘Eco Culture Tourism Project’ was running there earlier. “We could not provide any salary to the staffers now, he added.’’

Social Worker Bhairab Sulpe said,’’ Tourist trade of the area has been adversely affected as the information centre remains closed.’’ However, Bhattarai has claimed that he would reopen the office within the next fifteen days.