Injured Jana Andolan II victim leads miserable life

Chitwan, June 16:

Sitamaya Praja, who was injured during the Jana Andolan II, is forced to lead a helpless life with her six family members here.

She was injured in the leg while trying to get away from the scene of a clash

between security personnel and agitators in Narayangarh during Jana Andolan II, last year.

She could not get timely treatment and had to have her left leg amputated. Her husband used to pull a rickshaw and she used to work as a daily wage labourer. Her family is facing difficulties after her leg was amputated.

“We have four children, but now we are facing difficulty earning a livelihood,” Sita said. “After becoming disabled, I am forced to beg for alms to feed my children,” she said.

“When I returned from hospital after the amputation of my leg, the house owner forced me to leave the rented room,” she said.

As no house owner provided a room to Sita’s family, they are sheltering in a waiting room constructed beside the street in Narayangarh for the last six months.

Sita carries her younger child with her and limps to beg for alms in nearby villages every day. As there is no space for kitchen in the waiting room, the family does not light a fire there.

“Although my two daughters have reached school-going age, schooling is a dream for them. They do not have enough to eat, what to talk of school?” Sita lamented. She is a native of Gadeuli of Piple VDC in eastern Chitwan.

“I am in a pitiable state because I have no higher connections. Those persons who have access to authority got help, but I could not,” she said.