Integration as per weapons' number: DPM

BIRATNAGAR: Deputy Prime Minister Bijayakumar Gachhadar today said that Unified CPN-Maoist was ready to accept integration of its combatants according to the number of weapons they have.

Talking to mediapersons in Biratnagar airport, the DPM said, “The government is ready to integrate Maoist combatants in proportion to the number of arms submitted to the UNMIN." He made it clear that the government could integrate around 3600 fighters as the Maoists had submitted the same number of weapons to UNMIN.

Commenting on the jurisdiction of the High Level Political Mechanism on army integration, Gachhadar said, “Management of the combatants is the responsibility of the government."

On the new constitution, he said it will be promulgated by May 28. He maintained that if the statute could not be announced within the deadline HLPM will be held responsible.

He also blamed the big political parties of not being serious towards constitution drafting process. Suggesting key parties to work in tandem for timely constitution, Gachhadar warned, "Otherwise, people will be compelled to write their constitution as per their wish and aspirations."

Answering queries of journalists whether new constitution could be drafted without Maoist-led government, Gachhadar stated that it was hypocrisy to tell that constitution could be written if they lead the government and it would not be drafted if they are out of the helm. The government would not panic and surrender before the Maoists, he added.

He also challenged the Maoists to form a government by bringing the vote of no-confidence within a week. "If anyone has guts, one may prove no-confidence against the incumbent government, otherwise there is no point in begging and crying," he said.