Interim govt will be led collectively, says Gautam

Dang, May 19:

CPN (UML) standing committee member Bam Dev Gautam said today eight parties — members of the seven-party alliance and the CPN (Maoist) — will collectively head the interim government to be formed.

Gautam was speaking at a press meet organised by the Dang chapter of the CPN (UML) here today.

It may be noted that Maoist leader Matrika Yadav had said yesterday that the Maoists must get the opportunity to head the interim government.

Gautam said, “The next interim government will have a collective leadership of all eight parties. The leadership of the interim government will be chosen after holding discussions and forging an agreement among the eight parties. Everyone has the right to lay claim over the leadership.”

Asked about Maoist supremo Pranchanda’s latest statement, in which he had said the declaration was silent over the issues of growing foreign interference, restructuring of state and self-determination, Gautam said, “I call upon Prachanda to seriously study the HoR proclamation. I feel his statement is based on reports dispatched to him by someone”.

Gautam hoped a positive statement will come from the Maoists once they study the proclamation thoroughly.

“The Army has accepted the declaration of the House of Representatives. In a meeting with the Prime Minister, it said it is ready to work under the government. The king is also ready to recognise the proclamation,” Gautam said.

The country will opt for a republican setup and the Nepali people will be freed from the shackles of feudalism, Gautam said. The cabinet will be expanded soon and all the Maoist detainees will be released, he said.