‘International community wants prosperous Nepal’

Chitwan December 3

CPN-Maoist Centre Chairman and two-time prime minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal today said that the international community, including India and China want peace, stable and prosperous Nepal from either the left or democratic alliance after elections.

Dahal, a candidate from Chitwan Constituency No 3 for the federal parliament, said this observation was based on his conversations with India, China, Japan, Untied states, European leaders and their government authorities.

“I have been talking to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, ministers and representatives of the Indian government, and I have been talking with the Chinese government as well as the US, Europe and Japan” Dahal told The Himalayan Times in an exclusive interview at his residence in Chitwan today “All the foreign donors are happy because of the stability promised by the left alliance. I have seen our neighbours happy too. They want to see an end to instability and viciousness in Nepal. Even the left alliance will encourage the private sector to develop the country for economic growth.”

Nepali congress has been throwing around a propaganda that foreign aid will stop and borders will be blocked if communist win the election he said. “This is totally wrong and it’s the result of fear among congress leaders. I have talked to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and I can assure that Indian goods will come in an easy way from India and business will increase if Nepal gets stability,” Dahal said, adding, “We should not be worry. Everyone needs appropriate investment environment in Nepal and peace and stability will create the right environment for investment in Nepal. Donors and foreigners want such an environment in Nepal. Foreign Investment will increase, not decrease if the stable government is formed in Nepal. It is only their fear that is speaking.” He requested NC leaders not to spread such rumours.

Congress leaders said that the ongoing election is a kind of referendum. “It is not a referendum, it is their fear speaking. We have made inclusive federal democratic republic constitution jointly with Congress. The election is being held on the basis of the constitution.”

Congress leaders said that the election is referendum on democracy vs communism. “This is not true. It is not authoritarianism versus democracy. We have joined the democratic process with competitive politics. This was already agreed in the peace agreement with congress,” he said, adding, “We have made a constitution, a road map to travel on the democratic and peaceful road.”

He said the left alliance was formed before the election to get majority seats in parliament, which would create a stable government in the country. “What the Congress leaders have been saying is baseless. It is not good culture,” he said.

He requested the congress not to make such accusations. “I appreciate the democratic alliance led by Congress. It is good. We have formed left alliance. We think this is good for political stability, economic development and prosperity.”

He said his party had been cooperating with congress in the past and it would continue to do this in future too. “I don’t think the left alliance will be uncooperative with congress. We will cooperate on national issues with congress at least for the next 10 years.” He further said the left alliance would get majority and the NC would be in opposition after polls.