International symposium of doctors begins in Pokhara

Pokhara, October 6

An international symposium has started in Pokhara from today to discuss new approaches practised across the world for diagnosis and prevention of respiratory and pulmonary diseases. More than 100 Nepali and British doctors participated in the programme, which was jointly organised by Royal College of Physician, UK, and Society of Internal Medicine of Nepal.

“Considering the fact that countries like Nepal are witnessing rising cases of tuberculosis and various pulmonary and respiratory diseases, which cause more deaths every year, we hope that the novel approaches could be used to save people from such diseases,” said SIMON chairperson Dr Dhiraj Manandhar, adding that the programme will also discuss intensive treatment system.

Speaking at the programme, pulmonary disease expert Dr Sudhir Lohani, who hailed from the UK, pointed out the lack of resources in Nepal to tap on the novel approaches. “Even if new technologies are introduced, Nepal lacks the manpower and other resources required,” he lamented, identifying the smoke coming from burning firewood and tobacco use as the major causes of the diseases.

According to Pokhara Institute of Health and Sciences vice-chancellor and local coordinator of the programme Dr Buddhi Bahadur Thapa, nine papers were presented on the first day of the programme today.

This is the third programme organised with the participation of a British college. While the first programme was organised in Kathmandu, the second was organised in Dhulikhel. As a part of the programme, participants from abroad and outside Pokhara will visit the Lake City and other notable landmarks in the vicinity.

Dr Mark Wilkinson, Professor Derek Bell and Dr Devid Fyfe along with Professor Arpana Neupane, Dr Sudhir Lohani, Dr Yadav Bhatta, Professor Ramesh Chokhani, Dr Shital Adhikari and Dr Ranjan Sapkota presented their papers on the Day 1 session today. Tomorrow there will be a practical session about new technology.