Irate students ransack Patan Multiple Campus

Kathmandu, September 21:

The Patan Multiple Campus was ransacked today. Final year physics post-graduate students vandalised and torched the office of the assistant campus chief Paras Mani Acharya and programme coordinator Kishori Yadav.

Students’ stir has been on since last month over slashing of the tuition fees. Regular classes,

too, have been stalled for the last three months.

Enraged students have served a 48-hour ultimatum to the authorities, seeking resignation of campus chief Krishna Badan Nakarmi, Paras Mani Acharya and Kishori Yadav.

Basuram Lamichhane, an aggrieved student, said the management should be held responsible for the impasse.

“They have let the trouble to foment. The Central Department of Physics at Kirtipur is through with around 40 per cent of the course. While our classes are stalled for long,” he alleged.

Yadav maintained that the dispute be resolved through amicable talks.

Nakarmi, however, accused the students of locking the teachers on Friday. Apparently, students went berserk while a meeting was on to find a solution to the problem.

“We will fist talk to the Free Students Union. Other students’ representatives will also be called,” claimed the campus chief.