Iron mine to become operational in two years: Bhatta

Nawalpur, February 5

An iron industry will come into operation within two years at Dhaubadi in Hupsekot Rural Municipality of East Nawalparasi.

Industry, Commerce and Supply Minister Lekraj Bhatta, along with special officers, inspected the iron mine today.

Minister Bhatta said that the government had forwarded the necessary process for operating the iron industry from Dhaubadi Iron Mine within two years.

The area of the mine is spread over ten bigha land.

During inspection, Minister Bhatta  said that the government would not compromise in operating the project as it was a project of national pride.

Minister Bhatta further added that the Nepal Government would have 55 per cent ownership and 45 per cent ownership would be of the private sector’s.

He said the government had planned to offer three per cent profit to the province and the local levels. He further added that iron would be produced for 48 years from the mine.

Secretary Yam Kumari Khatiwada at the ministry, Director General of the Department of Mines and Geology Prakash Sitaula, Chairman of Dhaubadi Iron Mine Limited Sovakanta Poudel and lawmaker Tilak Mahat, among others, assured the locals that the mine would come into operation soon.

The iron produced from Dhaubadi Iron Mine, which is the first iron mine of the country, will meet 35 per cent demand.

Lawmaker Mahat said that the government had to take initiatives to forward the process for motorable roads to operate the industry.

Hupsekot Rural Municipality Chairman Laxmi Pandey said the area would develop if the iron mine came into operation soon.