DHADING, July 26

It has come to light that Dharmakanta, authorised to check the load of heavy trucks, at Dharke of Naubishe VDC in the Prithvi Highway has been embezzling revenue worth millions on a daily basis.

This came to light after a police team led by DSP Prakash Malla raided the place yesterday night.

Dharmakanta has been operating for long time in the name of Truck Entrepreneurs’ Association Nepal, Balkhu, Kathmandu.

DSP Prakash Malla of Dhading Police Office said police had launched investigation into Dharmakanta after it was found that it was not weighing the load of trucks in exchange for money.

DSP Malla said police had raided Dharmakanta and seized the documents after it was found to have avoided weighing the load of trucks.

Police have found receipts that showed that Dharmakanta had taken money illegally from trucks from Nepal and India.

DSP Malla said that police would launch a probe into all the activities of the truck association as Dharmakanta was operated in the association’s name.

DSP Malla said they were preparing to file a case of extortion and illegal charging of fee. Dharmakanta was charging up to Rs 5,000 from a single Indian truck. As many as 11 Indian trucks loaded with marbles reached Dharmakanta yesterday night. However, no employee from Dharmakanta conducted inspection of the trucks.

“When we returned the trucks to Dharmakanta and checked their load, they were found to be carrying goods ranging from 35 to 47 tonnes,” said DSP Malla.

Transport Management Department had brought Dharmakanta into operation in coordination with truck entrepreneurs’ association at Dharke six years ago. Police said that lack of monitoring on the part of transport management had led to the rise in irregularity.

“Two staffers from the transport office have been deployed in turn for a month. They, however, are yet to report to the duty station,” DSP Malla said.

After the police raid on Dharmakanta, it started to carry out examination of the load for free from yesterday night itself.