Irrigation canal under maintenance in Jhapa

BHADRAPUR: The Irrigation Development Division Office, Bhadrapur has stepped up its efforts for the reconstruction of structures of the canals which were broken four years ago.

The headworks of a canal constructed along the lower Kisne River in Gaurigunj Rural Municipality of Jhapa district in 2000 AD for irrigation purpose was damaged by the flood in 2013 AD, depriving locals of irrigation services following the devastation.

The contract for the construction of headworks of the canal was awarded to Kankai LPS JV at the cost of Rs 47.78 million.

Meanwhile, the Yakthumhang SAS Santoshi JV was awarded the contract amounting to Rs 35.3 million for additional construction required for smooth water flow in the canal, shared Division Office Chief Iswori Prasad Tiwari.

It is noted that after maintenance the canal has the capacity to provide irrigation services to 1,500 hectares of land in Gaurigunj and Juropani areas.

The to-be-constructed structures would be completed by 2019 AD as per the contract.