‘Issue of justices’ appointment being blown out of proportion’

Jajarkot, March 11

Minister for Home Affairs Shakti Bahadur Basnet today said the issue of appointment of justices at the Supreme Court was unnecessarily being blown out of proportion.

Speaking to journalists today at Jajarkot Airport, Minister Basnet said the communication gap between the Speaker and Chief Justice over the recommendation of SC justices and the chiefs of the constitutional bodies was over-hyped.

“The rumours that the government would fall due to lack of coordination between the Speaker and Chief Justice is baseless,” he argued, ruling out the possibility of a new government any time soon.

Stating that the misunderstanding surfaced due to the lack of clear provision regarding constitutional hearing, he supported the decision made by Speaker Onsari Ghatri Magar.

Magar had stalled the decision of the Judicial Council to recommend appointment of 11 justices claiming that the JC was incomplete and the regulations of the new Parliament and the Parliamentary Hearing Committee were yet to be formulated.

The government was delaying the appointment of officials of the constitutional bodies due to the Nepali Congress’s national general convention. “The recommendation regarding the appointment of officials at constitutional bodies will be forwarded after holding house meeting very soon,” he said.