It's SLC time for PLA fighters in camps

NARAYANGADH: Having spent a considerable number of years making bombs and readying guns, the Maoist combatants are these days busy preparing for their upcoming SLC exams. At the People's Liberation Army Third Division in Chitawan's Shaktikhor and its satellite camps, the former rebels are cramming for what is considered to be an iron gate of the school education.

Twenty-two-year-old Ajay Lama, section commander, Anish-Kalyan Memorial Brigade, said all he has been doing is studying. Another section commander, 20-year-old Radhika Neupane has also got books, copies and pen with her. Stating that age is no bar to education, Ajay said he had got no time for study during the insurgency when they were waging a war against the national security forces. At present, they have been concentrating on studies as per the party policy.

As they have accepted the School Leaving Certificate exam as an academic battle, he expressed firm determination to succeed in it as well. Four classes are being run daily in the Third Division Cantonment. Informing about the class and study, the section commander said the classes are run by teachers from community schools six days a week. Commander Radhika shared her experience that they faced difficulties to begin with but things were getting easier by and by. Assistant commander and office secretary, Janak Nepal, at the Third Division disclosed that over 600 PLA personnel are appearing the SLC exam this year.

Education programme in-charge at the division, Sanjeev Ghimire said 610 out of 682 PLA personnel have passed the send-up examinations. According to him, the combatants are participating in the forthcoming exam as students of open secondary schools.