Jail turns into drug hub, inmates suffer

SUNSARI: It has been revealed that the inmates of the Regional Jail in Jhumka are being assaulted by the chief of the jail administration after the former denied their involvement in transaction of heroin and other drugs. There are reports that a group led by chief of the internal administration of the jail tortured the inmates physically for they refused to get involved in the trade of drugs.

A source claimed that internal administration chief Tiger Rai and whistle commander Sanubabu Rajbanshi trade heroin and hashish in the jail. The source added that the group under the duo has tortured more than 10 inmates physically for more than a week.

The source further claimed that Rai’s group had bought the heroin worth Rs 135,000 from a businessman in Itahari. Transaction of contraband was going on with the cooperation of police. The source asked, “How can the inmates get drug in such a tight security?’’

The victims showed bruises over their bodies in front of mediapersons who had reached the jail after they got a letter from the victims. The victims lamented that Rai’s group had thrashed them mercilessly.

Inmates Janju Shrestha, Baburam Rai, Suraj KC, Manoj Mandal, Udaya Limbu, Ajaya Rai, Babu Bohara, Santosh Rai are those assaulted on a daily basis.