Jailbirds constructing prison house


Jailbirds in Ramechhap Prison have been contributing to the construction of safer habitation inside the prison house in the aftermath of the April 25 earthquake and subsequent aftershocks.

Of the 265 prisoners, 35 have been using their skills inside the prison compound. The contractors are paying them Rs 600 as daily wage.

Jailor Uddab Prasad Baral also praised their effort and said, “The construction will be almost complete in three days if work continues at the same pace.”

The temblor had ravaged five buildings along with the outer wall of the prison.

A budget of two million rupees was sent by the government for repairs. However, the repair work is estimated to cost more than 30 million rupees according to jail authorities.

Khadga Nepali, guard at the prison, said the state ought to honour the prisoners’ efforts in building safer habitations.