Jajarkot road caves-in, over dozen households at risk of landslide

JAJARKOT: The road that links the bus park in Khalanga, the Jajarkot district headquarters, with Rimna has caved-in today due to the incessant rainfall last night.

The rainfall-triggered landslide that occurred this morning has also swept away the poles installed for extending the central electrical transmission line. Subsequently, the vehicular movement along the road has come to halt.

Although, the landslides have occurred in various places in the district headquarters, the massive landslide in Thanti Bazar and Bahunbara in Bheri Municipality-3 and 4 respectively, have brought more than dozen households under threat of the landslip, forcing locals to move to safer places.

The houses under the risk of landslide belong to Bhadra Bahadur Bali, Bhadra Bahadur Khatri, Lok Bahadur Khatri, Tej Bahadur Khatri, Dhanasara Shahi, Ganesh Thapa, Hari Bahadur Basnet, Harka Bahadur Khadka among others.

"Although we have informed the municipality office and the District Administration Office about the risk of landslide, no step has been taken by the concerned bodies", said local Tej Bahadur Khatri who has been displaced due to the landslide.

The municipality Mayor Chandra Prakash Gharti said the construction of the buildings over the capacity of the land along with the chaotic drainage of water and sewage caused the road to cave-in.

The mayor said the landslide has caused considerable problem at the time when the highway road is being tramacked. He asserted that the budget allocated by the municipality would not be adequate to repair the damage caused by the disaster and thus would need separate release of budget.