Jajarkot's rural municipality prohibits dozers for small-scale road projects

JAJARKOT: Kushe Rural Municipality of Jajarkot district has restricted the use of dozers and excavators in road construction projects that have a budget of less than Rs 10 million.

Kushe Rural Municipality chair Hari Chandra Basnet said that the decision would be implemented from this fiscal year itself. However, he added that on conditions where technicians of a project recommend the use of dozer as necessary for its completion, then permission would be granted for such.

According to Basnet, this regulation was necessary in order to mobilise local youths alongside construction projects to discourage them from leaving the country for foreign employment.

Moreover, the rural municipality indicated that using dozers less frequently also supports the environment and helps to decrease risks of landslides.

The decision has been well received by the locals of the rural municipality.