Jana Andolan victims rue govt apathy

Pokhara, June 5:

People injured during Jana Andolan II in Kaski today accused the government and parties

of not bothering to make arrangements for their medical treatment.

Several organisations responsible for routing funds for treatment of the injured have diverted money elsewhere, they said. What hurts them the most is the fact that Gyanendra is slated to stay comfortably in another palace while they must moan and whine for their rightful dues.

The injured were speaking at a press meet programme organised by Jana Andolan II Martyrs’ Families and Monitoring Committee for the Uprising Injured (MCUI) here in Kaski.

Netra Pani Subedi, 45, a taxi driver, had his spine broken in police action in the uprising and is bed-ridden. He has run up a debt of Rs 4 lakh during the last two years to keep his family afloat and his children have given up their studies for want of money. He has received only Rs 2 lakh from the fund set up by the government for the uprising’s martyrs and injured.

“Gyanendra will shift to another palace. What are the people, who gave so much for bringing in democracy, getting?” queried Subedi. Several of the injured accused three organisations engaged in routing funds for their treatment of diverting funds elsewhere. However, they did not name the organisations.

On May 17, at the insistence of the uprising injured, the three organisations were forced to

disclose details of cash transactions. They revealed that they had amassed Rs 17 lakh

in the name of the uprising injured, but had diverted the money to other heads.

Meanwhile. MCUI chairperson Parvati Poudel said at least 200 persons in Kaski were injured during the uprising but only 60 of them had contacted the panel.