Janajati students for federal republic: Survey

Kathmandu, September 23 :

A survey has revealed that 95.80 per cent of Janajati students are for federal system and 94.96 per cent want republican set up while the rest are for ceremonial king.

The survey conducted by a member of the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities Students (NEFINS) on 238 Janajati students in 47 districts has stated that only 4.20 per cent of the students have voted for unitary system which is being practised for long time in Nepal.

While 52.52 per cent of the students have said they need right to self-determination, 41.12 per cent have said they don’t need the right and the rest expressed ignorance on the issue. Those who voted against the right to self-determination have said they fear the nation could split.

Tahal Thami, who had conducted the study, said students were found to be well informed about the present political development and are enthusiastic to know about their rights.

They are for proportionate representation of the population in the upcoming constituent assembly.

Some 84.34 per cent of the students have said the representation should be proportionate while 15.68 per cent have opted for reservation to the disadvantaged indigenous nationalities.

The survey also reveals that the role of Janajati students would be crucial to make the indigenous nationalities of the nation aware of their rights.