Japanese govt provides Rs 5 billion

Pokhara, July 7

Pokhara is likely to receive a whopping fund of 5 billion rupees for extension and upgradation of its drinking water projects.

A preliminary phase contract was signed between Nepal Water Supply Corporation General Manager Arjun Dhakal and Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation joint-secretary Rajan Panta and the JAICA representative in the capital yesterday.

NWSC Deputy General Manager Bhupendra Prasad hailed the initiative. “It’s a very positive thing that initiative has been taken to consolidate the water sector in the city, but that’s not all,” he said, adding that the project will be recommended to Japan government for approval after yet another round of contract between the Japanese embassy in Nepal and the ministry of finance in the Capital on Friday.

If everything goes as per the preliminary contract, Lake City folks, will, in a few years get to consume water that meets the standard of World Health Organisation.

“Though we can’t ensure running water round-the-clock as per WHO standard, we can at least ensure equal distribution to all,” said Bhupendra Prasad.

The 5 billion rupees project comprises construction of a treatment plant and reservoir and distribution of water and meters.

Though JAICA in the beginning had proposed to extend a support of 3 billion rupees for construction of the treatment plant only, the donor agency had shown interest in helping with the distribution process as well, following the initiatives of Nepal government.

Efforts to improve the water supply and quality here had started in 2004.