Jha hints at FIMA-UDMF cooperation

BIRGUNJ: Chairman of Nepal Sadbhawana Party, a constituent of the Federal Inclusive Madhesi Alliance (FIMA), Anil Kumar Jha, said the Alliance was ready to hold talks and cooperate with the United Democratic Madhesi Front without any condition.

Jha, speaking at a press meet organised by his party in Birgunj on Monday, expressed that his Alliance was willing to cooperate with other Madhesi parties.

He, meanwhile, warned that the country might go into another revolution if the current government kept on discriminating the Madhesi people.

He further said that the current government should take the responsibility if the country is divided in the future because of discrimination and suppression against Tarai-origin people.

He even predicted that the current government could topple any time soon.

He appealed the Madhesi people to support their agitation as the "revolution" would be materialised at a certain point of time.