Job quota for scholarship holders flayed

Kathmandu, May 8 :

The cabinet decision to guarantee government jobs for medical graduates who completed their study under government scholarship quotas is biased against the graduates who studied on self-finance and should be rolled back at the earliest, the latter say.

On March 28, the government issued a ‘Doctors mobilising directive’.

Only those medical graduates who studied on government scholarship will be given government jobs, the directive says.

It adds that the scholarship holders, who signed a five-year agreement to serve upon completion of their studies would have to work, for two years at least, in government offices.

A seven-member doctors’ mobilisation coordination committee headed by director-general of the Department of Health Services (DoHS) will send eligible doctors to the government health posts and hospitals. Fresh A1 medical graduates will be paid a monthly salary of Rs 15,000, A2 graduates will get Rs 13,000, B1 , B2 and C class graduates will get monthly salaries of Rs 12,000, Rs 10,500 and Rs 9,000, respectively.

The doctors will also be given transportation and other allowances.

“The directive is being implemented to make full use of the skilled doctors, who studied on government scholarship,” said Laba Prasad Tripathee, joint secretary of the Ministry of Education and Sports.

A medical student, who graduated from Xianjiaotong University, accused the government of not being serious about the problems of the medical students who graduate by spending their own money.

“We have been prevented from doing internship in government hospitals. Even if we get a chance by paying Rs 1,000 per week for 30 weeks, we do not get any certificate in return.”

“With the government providing all the opportunities to the students studying on government scholarship, it will be difficult for us to get jobs.”

Terming the government decision biased, a student demanded that the decision be scrapped at the earliest.

According to the Ministry of Education and Sports a total of 800 students went to China for medical studies this year.

About 125 medical students go abroad each year on government scholarship.