Jogbani-Kimathanka track opening work nears completion

Bhojpur, November 1

Track work for the Jogbani-Biratnagar-Khandbari-Kimathanka road has almost been completed. Of the 390-kilometre road from Jogbani to Kimathanka, passage for 367-kilometre has already been opened.

The length of khandbari-Kimathanka road is 162 kilometres. The track from Khandbari to Hatiya village of Bhotkhola has been opened.

North-South Koshi Road Project said vehicles could ply the road from Kahndbari to Hatiya bazaar during winter.

Pashupati Gyawali, chief at North-South Koshi Road Project, said that work on the road construction had been expedited so that the project would be completed within the deadline.

According to Gyawali, of the 2.39 billion budget, 2.11 billion has already been spent. Gyawali said Swochhanda, Yakthumhang and Pushpanjali JV had been carrying the construction work along Ekuwa-Hatiya road section in Khandbari.

Similarly, Gajurmukhi, Motidan and Gitanjali JV are opening the track for Hatiya-Chepuwa road section. Explosive materials are required for constructing Chepuwa-Chhumsur-Ghonggoppa road section as the area has stiff rocks and cliffs, said Gyawali.

The process of procuring explosive materials has started. Fourteen-kilometre road has already been constructed on the Kimathanka side as well. “Efforts are under way to expedite road construction to link Khandbari with Kimathanka,” Gyawali said.

Local Mutuk Bhote of Bhotkhola Rural Municiplaity-4 said construction of the road up to Hatiya had made locals happy.

Bhote said their days of sorrow had gone. “We believe that Kimathanka will be connected with Khandbari very soon,” Bhote said.

“If 23 kilometre long road is constructed, we can use vehicles to reach Kimathanka from this year,” he added.

Bhotkhola Rural Municipality-3 ward chair Aandi Bhote said road construction was in full swing. “The time to walk for days to visit the headquarters has gone,” Aandi said.