KATHMANDU: A joint construction project for the 220-KV Chilime-Trishuli Transmission Line has been launched on Wednesday.

The 27-km transmission line would be constructed with an investment of Euro 65 million in the joint undertaking of European Union (EU), German Development Cooperation/KFW, European Investment Bank (EIB) and Government of Nepal.

A joint statement released by the investors on Wednesday stressed the establishment of the transmission line as an important pilot contribution for clean energy development in Nepal.

The addition from the project to the national grid would light the households across the country in black now, according to the statement.

EU Ambassador to Nepal Rensje Teerink shared that this would give benefits to the South Asian region as a whole if used to its full potential, the statement added.

Minister for Energy Janardan Sharma also underlined that the joint construction was an excellent example of the strong partnership and collective efforts and stressed its expedite construction.

Deputy Chief of Mission and Head of Cooperation at the German Embassy Jacqueline Groth highlighted Germany’s continued commitment to Nepal and development of Load Dispatch Centre in Kathmandu.

The transmission line project includes construction of 220/132-KV Trishuli 3 B Hub Substation; 220/132-KV Chilime Substation and Chilime-Trishuli 220-KV double circuit Transmission Line (27 Km) complemented by the construction of Samundratar-Trishuli 3B Hub Transmission Line and Substation.