Joint team monitors Gobargadha channel

Rajbiraj, April 13

A joint team of Nepali and Indian officials monitored the site where a water channel is being built in the Saptakoshi River and visited the locals of Gobargadha in Saptari to hear their concerns about the risks and inconveniences the channel might cause.

The team comprising Saptari Chief District Officer Krishna Bahadur Katawal, chiefs of various Nepali security agencies, Nepali journalists, chief engineer at the Water Resources Department of India’s Birpur zone Prakash Das, and other Indian representatives.

During the interaction with locals, they said the construction of a channel to stop flooding in the eastern flank of the river had caused much damage to life and property. They were also worried that commuting across the river could become more difficult if the channel increases water flow at the river’s western flank.  Chief Engineer Das said it was not their intention to cause inconvenience and added the channel construction was initiated as per previous agreement.