Joshee to go on leave from today

Kathmandu, August 4

Acting Chief Justice Deepak Raj Joshee, who was rejected by the Parliamentary Hearing Committee for the post of chief justice,  will go on leave from tomorrow  and senior-most Justice Om Prakash Mishra will issue the cause list.

A source close to Joshee said he would go on leave from tomorrow. “He has decided to resign from his post after receiving the rejection letter from the PHC,” the source added.

Meanwhile, Joshee issued a press release demanding a probe into the authenticity of his academic certificate. He said doubts were cast about his academic certificate without evidence or probe by an independent body.

“The PHC’s conclusion regarding my academic qualifications without any probe by an authentic body has done great injustice to me,” Joshee said in the press release. Stating that he had matriculated from Nepal Rastriya Vidyapeeth on 12 May 1973, Joshee said it was clear that the PHC had hastily concluded without verifying details of his certificate from authentic bodies.

Joshee said details of his certificate should have been verified, but in his case, a wrong message was given about his certificate, which not only undermined his prestige but also the prestige of many others who had passed from that institution. He said the PHC decision also undermined the prestige of the judiciary. “I have taken this as an extreme example of those elements that want to interfere in the judiciary to fulfil vested interests,” Joshee added. Stating that he had presented a detailed work plan, vision and strategies to better the functioning of the courts, Joshee said the PHC had concluded on the basis of its preconceived ideas.

“It is a matter of surprise that when a scathing attack was launched against me, the PHC decided without investigating the authenticity of my certificate, which was never in doubt when I worked as judge of the appellate courts for 22 years and as justice of the Supreme Court for four years,” Joshee stated in his release.

He said the PHC should not have drawn conclusions without probing the authenticity of his certificate because that went against the principle of natural justice.

Joshee said he expected appropriate steps would be taken by the Constitutional Council and the Government of Nepal to investigate the authenticity of his certificate.