Judges’ Society springs to protect victims’ privacy

Kathmandu, Dec 12:

The Judges’ Society has recently prepared a Manual on Crime Victim Women/Girls Protection, 2008, in order to protect their individual rights and privacy.

The Manual has recommended the government authorities, the police, prosecutors, defence lawyers, court, health workers, the civil society, media and the local administration while investigating and prosecuting their cases.

The Manual advised to provide them with compensation on physical, mental and economic losses.

It has described that those who can help the court while giving their statements relating to the descriptions of any incident should be protected and told not to disclose the descriptions of the individuals.

According to the Judges’ Society, the Manual is under discussion and it will be issued soon after giving its final shape.

In order to protect the rights of women and victims of human trafficking, sexual abuse, and rape, domestic violence, homicide, and abduction, abortion, corporal actions, defamation, low-aged marriage, are among the many crimes against women in the country, drafted by the Manual.The Manual has also set policies to the police, prosecutors and defence lawyers and the media for what should not be done during the period of the ongoing cases and even after the decision of the court.

The manual has told the authorities not to harass the women and the victims during the course of investigation and not to ask such humiliating questions which may torture them. The Manual also suggests media for not making public the names of women victims and children and told to veil their personal identity.