Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, March 25:

The Judicial Council headed by the Chief Justice is to hold a meeting soon to discuss the arrest of Birendra Kumar Karna, the Pyuthan district court judge. Karna was arrested by the Corruption Control Royal Commission (CCRC) for accepting bribes. “We will discuss the scandal after Chief Justice Hari Prasad Sharma returns from Australia on Monday,” a member of the Council said on condition of anonymity. The Nepal Bar Association had urged the Chief Justice and the members of the Judicial Council yesterday to make public their stand on whether they were ready to allow any institution other than the Judicial Council to take action against a sitting judge.

“If the Judicial Council does not initiate any action to stop such interference in the judiciary, this will create a negative impact on the judges working in the districts,” a Supreme Court justice claimed. “The District Court judges may hesitate to decide on any cases filed by the government fearing action,” he added. However, a member of the CCRC claimed that the arrest should not be considered interference in the judiciary. The CCRC member said, “We are also serious to save the courts’ independence but it does not mean that the judges are not responsible to the people and are free to engage themselves in corruption,” he added.

“We will not impose any punishment or fine on Karna, but we will submit our investigation report to the King about Karna’s involvement in the corruption cases.”